Criticism (CRITISM)


CRITISM 200A. Political Economy: Methods and Critique. 4 Units.

Introduction to canonical texts in Marxism coupled with an examination of the questions of race, gender, ethnicity, and sexuality that distend the calculus of the canon’s assumptive logic. May be taken after CLT&THY 200B.

Same as CLT&THY 200A.

Restriction: Graduate students only.

CRITISM 220B. Studies in Literary Theory and Its History. 4 Units.

Introduction to criticism and aesthetics for beginning graduate students. Readings from continental, English, and American theorists.

Same as HUMAN 220B.

Restriction: Graduate students only.

CRITISM 240. Advanced Theory Seminar. 4 Units.

Studies in selected areas of Criticism Topics addressed vary each quarter.

Repeatability: Unlimited as topics vary.

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