Film and Media Studies (see FLM&MDA) (FILMSTD)


FILMSTD 101. History of Film. 4 Units.


Restriction: Fee required

FILMSTD 117A. Introduction to Screenwriting.

Introduction to the history and technique of the screenplay, with a particular focus on its different aesthetic forms as well as on the various roles it has assumed within the evolution of the film industry.

FILMSTD 117B. Basic Scriptwriting.

Exercises in the development of screenplays with emphasis on formal and structural considerations as well as on film industry praxis. The course is conducted in an intimate workshop setting with frequent group discussions of students scripts-in-progress.

Prerequisite: FILMSTD 117A

Restriction: Prerequisite required

FILMSTD 117C. Scriptwriting Workshop.

Continuation and intensification of work initiated in 117B. Students complete a full-length screenplay. Concentrates on both practical and technical concerns, addressing pragmatic and aesthetic questions in intensive small groups discussions.

Prerequisite: FILMSTD 117B

Restriction: Prerequisite required


No Description.

Repeatability: May be repeated for credit unlimited times.

Restriction: Grad students only

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