Minor in Native American Studies

Minor in Native American Studies

The minor in Native American Studies is an interdisciplinary, interschool program, hemispheric in scope. Focusing on North America and Mesoamerica, the three core courses provide an overview respectively of:  pre-Columbian history, worldviews, social organization, religion, and the centrality of place; American Indian diplomacy, law and history since 1776; and a critical assessment of colonialism, evolutionary theory, and ethnography. Upper division offerings, drawing upon research and teaching specializations of faculty from different departments, further enrich the minor with analysis of Native American literature and histories of native Latin America.  

The minor is open to all UCI students. Advising information is available from the undergraduate counseling offices in the Schools of Humanities and Social Sciences.

Requirements for the Minor

NOTE: Requirements listed below have not been finalized. Please check back for updated requirements.

A. Core Courses:
HISTORY 12 Introductory Topics in History
HISTORY 15A Native American History
B. Select four upper-division courses from the following:
Cross-Cultural Studies in Gender
Religion and Social Order
Peoples and Cultures of Latin America
Studies in Native and Tribal Art
Multicultural Education in K-12 Schools
Students may also select from the following courses when the topics presented relate to Native American Studies:
Special Topics in Archaeology
Special Topics in Area Studies
Topics in Comparative Multiculturalism
Multicultural Topics in Literatures in English
Topics in Latin American History
Special Topics: Structures
Special Topics in Age, Gender, Race, and Ethnicity
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