2020-21 Edition

Program in Academic English

Jerry Lee, Director of Program in Academic English
Qian Du, Associate Director of Program in Academic English
335 Humanities Instructional Building

Academic English 20A-B-C-D through 29 and 139W are for students who have been admitted to UCI and who need additional coursework in Academic English. Enrollment in a number of the Academic English classes is restricted to those students who place into that particular course based on the results from the Academic English placement test. Students required to complete AC ENG 20A, AC ENG 20B, AC ENG 20C, AC ENG 20D, and/or AC ENG 22A must complete the lower-division reading/writing requirement before their seventh quarter or they will be subject to probation. They are to enroll in WRITING 39A immediately after they are authorized to do so by the Academic English/English as a Second Language Program. Academic English courses are required to be completed as a Pass/Not Pass only grade option which will apply toward the 12 baccalaureate unit limit on P/NP only coursework. Students will receive workload credit for Academic English courses taken beyond this 12-unit limit but will not receive additional credits applicable to the bachelor’s degree.