2021-22 Edition

Department of Health, Society, and Behavior


Cynthia Lakon, Ph.D., Interim Department Chair

The Department of Health, Society, and Behavior (DHSB) is comprised of a multifaceted collective of faculty with diverse backgrounds and training. The thread which unifies the faculty in this department is that their research, teaching, and practice address the explication of complex pathways linking social contextual factors and health, with an emphasis on health equity research. Specifically, the DHSB will be composed of faculty with expertise in health disparities, health equity, social contextual risk factors and health, health behavior, community-based research, biobehavioral health, health communication, and the creation of multi-level interventions. The topical areas of emphasis in DHSB are central to and map directly onto the core discipline of public health in the area of the social and behavioral sciences. Research and teaching in this department integrate perspectives on health through the lens of the social sciences, utilizing major theoretical perspectives across disciplines in the social sciences order to understand the multiple levels of influence shaping health behavior, health status, and health-relevant interventions.
Faculty provide guidance on curricular and programmatic activities for the M.P.H. emphasis in Sociocultural Diversity and Health. Faculty also engage in providing guidance for the Ph.D. in Public Health, with its two concentrations: 1) Global Health and 2) Disease Prevention. Both concentrations are administered jointly by the Department of Health, Society, and Behavior, and the Department of Population Health and Disease Prevention. The concentration in Disease Prevention maps most directly onto the expertise and focus of the faculty in the DHSB.