2023-24 Edition

Biological Sciences, Minor

The Biological Sciences minor presents a unified, in-depth study of modern biology. The courses range from ecology and evolutionary biology to genetics, biochemistry and molecular biology.

Nine courses are required, no more than two of which may be taken on a Pass/Not Pass basis:

A. Select three of the following: 1
From DNA to Organisms
From Organisms to Ecosystems
Molecular Biology
B. Select six of the following: 2
Three- or four-unit courses selected from BIO SCI 5–H90 (excluding 14 and 46), 93–99, and D103–D190, E106–E190, M114–M190, N110–N190.

Residence requirement for the minor: A minimum of six courses required for the minor must be completed at UCI. Approved courses taken in the Education Abroad Program are considered to be in-residence courses.

NOTE: Students in any of the majors within the School of Biological Sciences or students majoring in Public Health Sciences, Biomedical Engineering: Premedical, Nursing Science, or Pharmaceutical Sciences may not minor in Biological Sciences.