Arts (ARTS)


ARTS 1. ArtsCore. 4 Units.

An introduction to the arts in general, and to the arts at UCI. Concentration on (1) the interdisciplinary nature of the arts, and (2) the content of particular arts disciplines.


ARTS 75. Digital Media: Exhibition. 4 Units.

A discussion and critique course in all media arts. Includes a review of key media arts concepts and the preparation of an end-of-quarter exhibition.

Prerequisite: Proposal submission required.

ARTS 173. Athletics Bands . 1-2 Units.

Bands support athletics events. Includes Pep Band: Rehearsal and performance of band standards; Marching Band: Exercises and performance involving marching fundamentals, formations, and half-time pageantry; and, Drumline: Study and rehearsal of rudiments, cadences, and arrangements.

Repeatability: Unlimited as topics vary.

ARTS 199. Independent Study. 1-4 Units.

Individual study or directed projects as arranged with faculty member.

Repeatability: May be repeated for credit unlimited times.

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