Planning, Policy, and Design (PP&D)


PP&D 129. American Public Policy. 4 Units.

Focuses on the development and implementation of public policy in the United States. Lectures cover theoretical models of the policy process as well as significant problems facing contemporary American decision-makers.

Same as POL SCI 121G, PUBHLTH 132, SOC SCI 152C.

PP&D 152. Cultural Ecology and Environmental Design. 4 Units.

Introduction to cultural ecology and environmental and architectural design. Addresses the understanding of people’s relationships with their built environments, the basic elements of architecture, architectural analysis, and cultural analysis are covered. Examines values in design and design for multicultural societies.

Prerequisite: PP&D 4

Restriction: Urban Studies Majors have first consideration for enrollment. Social Ecology Majors have first consideration for enrollment.

PP&D 178. International Divided Cities. 4 Units.

Investigates urban divisions in international cities where deep-seated nationalistic ethnic differences create pressures for intergroup conflicts, autonomy, or territorial separation, and can incite violence. Urban political polarization as it is manifest in the urban setting.

Same as SOCIOL 176, POL SCI 157B.

PP&D 204. Plan Development and Communication . 4 Units.

Graphic representation and communication of physical place characteristics, design and physical planning ideas and concepts using a variety of graphic techniques of free hand drawing, sketching, orthographic representations, scale drawings, 3D representations, maps, photo-documentation, and various media.

Restriction: Urban and Regional Planning Majors only.

PP&D 213. Advanced Qualitative Methods: Analyzing Qualitative Data. 4 Units.

Introduces students to the theory and practice of analyzing qualitative data. Student must have already learned about data collection and research design for qualitative research and they must have qualitative data they can analyze.

Same as POL SCI 273A, MGMTPHD 297K.

Restriction: Graduate students only.

PP&D 221. Public Policy . 4 Units.

Explores different approaches to public policy analysis, the diverse conceptions of the goals and objectives that should be served by policy, and the appropriate role of the policy analyst. Policy consequences are traced to indirect and subtle incentives and disincentives.

Repeatability: May be taken for credit 2 times.

Same as PUB POL 221.

Restriction: Public Policy Majors have first consideration for enrollment.

PP&D 279. Theories of Power and Empowerment. 4 Units.

Studies different ways of thinking about power and its uses. Explores theories of power that inform various notions of empowerment, including resistance, participatory democracy, and workplace empowerment.

Same as POL SCI 223A, MGMTPHD 297R.

Restriction: Graduate students only.

PP&D 283. Collaborative Governance and Public Management. 4 Units.

Introduction to inclusive management. To make effective use of public resources, public managers are inventing ways of managing that alter relationships within organizations, between organizations, between sectors, and with the public. Requires rethinking fundamentals such as leadership and motivation.

Repeatability: May be taken for credit 2 times.

Same as PUB POL 283.

Restriction: Public Policy Majors have first consideration for enrollment.

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