Social Policy and Public Service (SPPS)


SPPS 40. Social Policy and Public Service. 4 Units.

An introduction to the basic theories and principles of public policy. Students examine various influences on the development of public policy and the principle actors in the process, and learn to identify tools and techniques employed in policy making.

Same as SOC SCI 40.


SPPS 70A. Race and Ethnicity. 4 Units.

Focuses on racial and ethnic relations in the United States and compares them with those found in other societies. Analyzes the conditions that favor either cooperation and integration or rivalry, tension, and conflict. Appraises strategies for reducing and resolving conflicts.

Same as SOCIOL 63.


SPPS 101A. Immigration, Nation, and Media. 4 Units.

Examines media shapes and reflects public opinion on immigration and its representation of immigrants, citizens, and ideas about the nation, and who belongs and who is a potential threat; as well as the relationship between scholars and journalists.

Same as CHC/LAT 123, ANTHRO 125U.

SPPS H190A. Honors Research Workshop. 4 Units.

Student develops a 10–15-page prospectus of research for the honors thesis which includes: the research question, literature review, methods of investigation, and bibliography. Student selects a faculty mentor who will supervise thesis research and writing in winter and spring.

Same as SOC SCI H190A.

Restriction: Honors Program for Social Science majors students and Social Policy and Public Service majors only.

SPPS H190B. Honors Thesis Research. 4 Units.

The student initiates and completes data collection for the honors thesis. A faculty mentor provides supervision and feedback on thesis chapters.

Prerequisite: SOC SCI H190A or SPPS H190A.

Same as SOC SCI H190B.

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