2024-25 Edition

Drama, Minor

The Drama minor provides opportunities for students to engage in research and creative work throughout the Drama department. The program is open to all undergraduate students. Coursework includes history, theory, culture, and practice topics. Students will also participate in drama productions of both large and small scales.

The minor provides the flexibility to allow students to explore areas of particular interest to them, including performance, design, scholarship, stage management, directing, and more.

The minor in Drama consists of eight courses (32 units) as specified below:

A. Complete the following:
DRAMA 10 Introduction to Theatre
B. Select one of the following:
Performance Now
Culture in Performance
Culture in Performance
Culture in Performance
C. Select one of the following:
Music Theatre Workshop I
Music Theatre Workshop II
Introduction to Costume Design
Introduction to Scenic Design
Introduction to Lighting Design
Introduction to Sound Design
Introduction to Stage Management
D. Select one of the following:
Development of Drama
Development of Drama
Development of Drama
E. Complete four units of DRAMA 101, selected from the following: 1
Theatre Production: Costume
Theatre Production: Scenic
Theatre Production: Lighting
Theatre Production: Stage Management
Theatre Production: Audio
F. Select one of the following:
University Theatre
Director Class Project
Project in Theatre
G. Select two Drama electives, one of which must be upper division (100-199)

 DRAMA 101 units may not overlap with any other major or minor requirements.

Students may elect to take a maximum of two courses in the minor Pass/Not Pass. Students in the Music Theatre and Drama majors may not declare a minor in Drama.