2022-23 Edition

Orientation Programs


Undergraduate Students

Information about UCI’s Orientation Programs, sponsored by Student Life & Leadership, is made available in mid-June to admitted students who plan to enroll in the fall.

Summer Programs

Student Parent Orientation Program (SPOP). All first-year (freshmen) undergraduate students – international and domestic – are required to participate in their orientation program. SPOP provides the opportunity to engage with a comprehensive orientation program remotely. Each program includes modules in Canvas that will be made available to students as the summer progresses. SPOP also includes academic advising and registration for fall classes for domestic students. International students will be contacted directly by their schools for information on how and when they will receive academic advising and register for fall classes. In addition, information on housing, financial aid, campus resources, student life and more is included. Students will also have lots of opportunities to meet other students, have fun and build their social and support networks. SPOP is designed for all domestic and international freshmen.

Transfer Student Parent Orientation Program (TSPOP) is an optional orientation for transfer students looking for a comprehensive introduction to life at UCI. Each program includes modules in Canvas that will be made available to students as the summer progresses. TSPOP offers transfer students a thorough overview of what to expect during their transition to a research university as well as information on housing, financial aid, undergraduate research, campus resources, student life and more. TSPOP also gives new transfer students a leg up in building networks with peers, finding a home on campus and building friendships that can last throughout their time at UCI and beyond.

For more information about all of the orientation programs, visit the Orientation Programs website, telephone 949-824-5182, or email orientation@uci.edu.

Welcome Week

Welcome Week is held each fall a few days prior to the beginning of classes. A variety of academic and social activities for new and returning students are held during this time. For more information, visit the UCI Welcome Week website.

Graduate Students

Incoming graduate students are strongly encouraged to attend the Campuswide New Graduate Student Orientation, held during the third week of September each fall. This orientation covers all aspects of navigating graduate education at UC Irvine, including graduate student services. It augments school/department-based orientations, and students should attend both. Information about the Campuswide New Graduate Student Orientation is emailed to incoming graduate students the summer prior to the event. Inquiries may be directed to gradorientation@uci.edu, and details are available at the Campuswide New Graduate Student Orientation website.

There is an additional orientation event specifically for international graduate students, which focuses specifically on topics that impact international graduate students and building community with fellow students and Peer Mentors. Details are available here. International graduate students should also attend Campuswide Graduate Welcome and Orientation.