2021-22 Edition

Special Programs


Concurrent Enrollment and Summer Session 

Exceptional high school students can enroll in UCI classes without formal admission to the University year-round.

During the academic year, concurrent enrollment is ideal for well-prepared high school seniors who have exhausted the curriculum available in high school and who are looking for advanced-level course work, or for students who are seeking an enrichment course or course work not available at their high school. For information, call 949-824-5414, email dce-services@uci.edu, or visit the Concurrent Enrollment website.

During the summer, high school students who will be a junior or senior in the upcoming fall and have an unweighted GPA of 3.0 or higher in college preparatory classes can enroll in UCI Summer Session courses numbered 1-99 without special prerequisites through open enrollment. Complete an enrollment form and submit it along with your transcript to the Summer Session Office. For more information, contact the UCI Summer Session Office at 949-824-6494, email summer-session@uci.edu, or visit the Summer Session website.

Admission and enrollment in courses either through Concurrent Enrollment or UCI Summer Session does not constitute admission to UCI as an entering freshman student. See the Undergraduate Admissions section of this Catalogue for information about applying to UCI and the formal admission process.

UCI Center for Educational Partnerships

The mission of the UCI Center for Educational Partnerships (CFEP) is to create collaborations that support preparation for and success in higher education. CFEP’s focus is on equity and access for all students in order to achieve the University of California’s goal of academic excellence. CFEP has three guiding principles: (1) diversity among students and faculty enhances the educational experience the University provides and the scholarship it produces; (2) collaboration promotes the exchange of ideas, leverages resources and drives collective action; and (3) research guides practice, promotes accountability and advances knowledge. 

In order to achieve its mission, CFEP builds lasting partnerships with individuals and institutions committed to improving education; facilitates faculty involvement; engages in K–12 academic preparation; provides teacher professional development; promotes college-going culture; supports undergraduate retention; enhances graduate school preparation; conducts research and evaluation; participates in the national dialogue about educational reform and collaboration; and fosters learning communities to support ongoing professional and intellectual development.

For additional information, call 949-824-7482 or visit the Center for Educational Partnerships website.

Student Success Initiatives

Student Success Initiatives, housed in the Division of Undergraduate Education, provides students with the personal, academic, and professional support and development to thrive and succeed at UCI and beyond. SSI is dedicated to serving and assisting with the transitions of low-income students, first-generation students, international students, undocumented students, former foster youth, transfer students, adult-learners, students in transition, students with dependents, and students with disabilities. SSI also provides a learning community that empowers students to be productive and engaged in their academic careers and personal endeavors. Drop-in counseling, scholarships for tutoring, peer mentoring, and weekly workshops are offered throughout the year. Summer academic programs are also available for incoming students. See the Division of Undergraduate Education section of the Catalogue for additional information.

Graduate Diversity Programs

The University of California believes that a diverse student and faculty population is integral to academic excellence. It is critical to promoting the lively intellectual exchange and the variety of ideas and perspectives that are essential to advanced scholarly research. The university remains committed to expanding outreach, recruitment, and retention efforts. Through the Graduate Division’s diversity programs, steps are taken to increase the participation of diverse groups of U.S. citizens and permanent residents who have been disadvantaged in obtaining graduate education in the United States. See the Graduate Division section of the Catalogue for additional information.

Medical Student Support Programs

The School of Medicine’s Office of Student Support is designed to meet the challenges of California’s changing demographics and to contribute to the School’s goal of achieving a broad spectrum of diversity in the student population, and ultimately, in the medical profession. The office plays a major role in the recruitment and retention of targeted socioeconomically disadvantaged students who have the potential of service to the medically underserved communities in California. The Office of Student Support also serves as a resource for students by providing a supportive learning environment through advising and counseling prospective students and mentoring students following their admission to medical school. See the School of Medicine section for additional information.