2023-24 Edition

Art History, M.A. (4+1)

The 4+1 program allows students to earn a bachelor’s degree while simultaneously completing courses that can be applied toward a master’s degree in Art History. This unique structure permits students to complete coursework for their master’s degree during the undergraduate term and one additional year. This is a 4+1 M.A. Program for UCI undergraduates majoring in Art History or other majors.

The M.A. program in Art History is designed to provide students with advanced skills and broad knowledge in the discipline of art history. The faculty is particularly well equipped to guide students with special interests in American, Asian, and European art history.

Students can begin coursework during the last year of the B.A. and are required to take a total of nine courses, equivalent to 36 units, toward the M.A. Nine courses are required for the degree:

A. Complete:
ART HIS 298 Master's Seminar: Topics in Art History (two quarters)
VIS STD 290A Art History:Theories and Methods
VIS STD 295 Graduate Seminar in Visual Studies (three quarters, with Art History faculty only)
ART HIS 299 Master's Thesis Research (two quarters)
One additional elective graduate seminar

The Master’s Thesis is an approximately 20-page work of independent research supervised by a member of the faculty. Students wishing to participate in the program should apply in their final undergraduate year, which would allow them to begin course work toward the M.A. in their last undergraduate year.

For more information, please visit: http://www.humanities.uci.edu/arthistory/graduate/51.php