2023-24 Edition

Film and Media Studies, Graduate Emphasis

The graduate emphasis in Film and Media studies prepares students in any M.A., Ph.D., or M.F.A. program to analyze film and media texts, contexts, and industries. The emphasis requires that students complete four seminars, two of which are in the Film and Media Studies Ph.D. core series and two of which may be Film and Media Studies core or electives seminars. Satisfactory completion of the emphasis is certified by the Director of the Film and Media Studies Ph.D. program with a letter for the student's dossier.

Students who are currently enrolled in any M.A., Ph.D., or M.F.A. program at UCI are eligible for admissions to the Graduate Emphasis in Film and Media Studies, which is administered by the Department of Film and Media Studies in the School of Humanities.

Students who are interested in pursuing the graduate emphasis should contact the Graduate Director to indicate their interest in applying for the emphasis and to request an application. The application must include a letter indicating how the graduate emphasis will relate to their doctoral work, an unofficial transcript, and a brief letter of support from their primary advisor or the director of their graduate program.

A. Select two from the following:
FLM&MDA 285A Film Studies: Theory and Methods
FLM&MDA 285B Television Studies: Theory and Methods
FLM&MDA 285C Digital Media and Game Studies: Theory and Methods
FLM&MDA 286A Film and Media Studies Historiography
FLM&MDA 286B Media/Power/Culture
FLM&MDA 286C Topics in Critical Approaches to Film and Media Studies
B. Select two additional courses from the above list and/or from the following:
FLM&MDA 291 Graduate Seminar in Film and Media Studies
FLM&MDA 292 Graduate Seminar in Film and Media Critical Practice
FLM&MDA 295 Directed Reading

For doctoral students, it is recommended that the dissertation topic incorporate Film and Media Studies as a central concern and that one member of the candidate's dissertation committee be a member of the Film and Media Studies faculty.