2023-24 Edition

Spanish, M.A.

The Master of Arts degree in Spanish is a two-year program of study designed to expose the beginning graduate student to all periods of peninsular, Latin American, and Chicanx/Latinx literature and culture. The degree is awarded upon the successful completion of course work and written and oral comprehensive examinations. A minimum of eight graduate seminars must be completed in the Department of Spanish and Portuguese with a letter grade.

Students are required to take one course in Theory (SPANISH 239A or equivalent). Master’s candidates must complete a minimum of three quarters of course work in the Department; the maximum time to complete the master’s program is two years. The M.A. exam must be taken no later than the fifth quarter of graduate study. Students entering with a bachelor’s degree must satisfy the requirements for a master’s degree before they proceed toward a Ph.D. This includes the master’s level examinations and course work. Normally only students intending to work toward the Ph.D. are admitted to the graduate program.