2023-24 Edition

Master of Business Administration, Full-Time

Full-Time M.B.A.
Email: mba@merage.uci.edu
Phone: 949-824-4622

The Paul Merage School of Business offers a variety of programs leading to the MBA (Master of Business Administration) degree. This includes a two-year, Full-Time MBA program.

The Paul Merage School of Business admits students to the two-year, Full-Time MBA program or a Full-Time MBA with a concentration in Analytics in Digital Leadership in the fall quarter. Students from a variety of undergraduate disciplines, including liberal arts, social sciences, physical or biological sciences, computer science, and engineering, are encouraged to apply. There are no specific prerequisite requirements for the Full-Time MBA program. However, in addition to the general University rules governing admission to graduate study, the Admissions Committee does look for evidence of quantitative proficiency and strong verbal skills in all applicants. The final deadline for completion of all phases of the application procedure is generally around April 1. However, since admissions are received on a rolling basis, applicants are encouraged to check with the MBA Admissions Office regarding application submission.

The evaluation of an applicant’s file for admission consists of an integrated assessment of all materials submitted including transcripts of previous academic work, work experience, essays, and letters of recommendation. A quantitative background is encouraged for the Full-Time MBA with a STEM-certified concentration in Analytics in Digital Leadership, such as undergraduate degrees in mathematics, computer science, economics, statistics, engineering, and/or physics. The Full-Time MBA program at the Paul Merage School is distinctive for its focus on providing students the capabilities and skills to succeed in a digitally-driven world. The Merage School's curriculum distinguishes students as leaders in data-driven decision-making, the role of information technology, and digitally-driven leadership.

The Full-Time MBA program requires a minimum of 92 units with a minimum grade point average of 3.0 in the core curriculum and overall. Students in the concentration that do not meet this GPA requirements will be advised to transfer out of the concentration to ensure their academic success. The curriculum consists of courses divided into two groups designed to achieve specific educational objectives. Ten required Common Core Courses (40 units) and 52 units of elective courses which students select to emphasize career goals and educational interests. For those students pursuing a concentration in Analytics in Digital Leadership, students must enroll in four electives from the below concentration list as well one required elective: MGMTMBA 270. A thesis is not required.

Course Requirements
A. Complete:
MGMTMBA 200 Thinking Strategically in the Digital Age
MGMTMBA 201A Business Analytics: Decision-Making
MGMTMBA 202 Organizational Leadership for Management
MGMTMBA 203A Financial Reporting
MGMTMBA 204A Microeconomics for Management in the Digital Age
MGMTMBA 205 Marketing Principles
MGMTMBA 207 Competing with Digital: Technology, Analytics, and Platforms
MGMTMBA 208 Operational Excellence: Processes, Models, and Analytics
MGMTMBA 209A Managerial Finance
MGMTMBA 210 Strategy: Foundations and Dynamics
B. Select 52 units of electives
Concentration in Analytics in Digital Leadership Course Requirements
A. Complete:
MGMTMBA 270 Data Camp for Managers
B. Select 16 units from the following list of electives:
Management Science
Analytical Decision Models for Managers
Strategy in a Digital Age
FinTech and the Digital Economy for Business
FinTech and the Digital Economy
Machine Learning Analytics for Managers
Data and Programming for Analytics
Data and Programming for Analytics
Supply Chain Analytics
Supply Chain Analytics for Managers
Predictive Analytics for Business
Predictive Analytics
Edge for Managers
C. Select 34 units of electives

Residence Requirement. Five quarters.

International Requirement. Students must fulfill the requirement in one of the following ways: completion of a Paul Merage School of Business international elective in a functional area; participation in a Paul Merage School of Business international exchange program; or completion of an upper-division or graduate international course offered by another UC school, with the approval of The Paul Merage School of Business Associate Dean.

Electives. In addition to the core courses, 52 more units of elective courses are required. Of the 52 units of electives, 18 units for the Analytics in Digital Leadership concentration are outlined above. The major emphasis in the elective courses is to develop additional depth in a discipline or interdisciplinary area or specialized competence in the use of a particular set of technical tools and methods. Students select their electives in light of their educational and career goals and interests.

Further information may be obtained by contacting the University of California, Irvine, Full-Time MBA Program Office, The Paul Merage School of Business, SB1 2500, Irvine, CA 92697-3125; 949-824-4622; or visit the Full-Time MBA website.