2023-24 Edition

Criminology, Law and Society, Master of Advanced Study

The Master of Advanced Study (M.A.S.) in Criminology, Law and Society, the first online degree program at the University of California, prepares professionals for leadership positions in criminal justice and the legal professions. The curriculum emphasizes theoretical and practical applications central to crime and its control, social policy, and the law. In keeping with one of the main tenets of the School of Social Ecology, students approach topics from a multidisciplinary perspective.

Program Details

This program is ideally suited for professionals interested in obtaining positions in or currently working in the criminal justice or legal fields and who are seeking a graduate degree for career advancement. The program consists of 52 units of course work which is completed sequentially in two years (6 quarters).  An optional one-week in-residence introductory course is scheduled right before fall quarter. In lieu of a thesis, students are required to take a capstone course. In addition to the capstone course, students take two other required courses (CRM/LAW C214 and CRM/LAW C215) and choose from elective courses to fulfill the remaining 40 units. The M.A.S. is awarded upon completion of 13 courses (52 units).

Course Requirements
A. Complete:
CRM/LAW C214 Research Methods
CRM/LAW C215 Applied Statistics
CRM/LAW C218 Social Problems, Law, and Policy
B. Complete 40 units of electives, selected from:
Introduction to Criminology, Law and Society
Legal Institutions and Society
Crime and Social Deviance
Public Policy, Crime, and Criminal Justice
Hate Crime
Sentencing and Corrections
White-Collar Crime
Crime Hotspots
Preventing Errors of Justice
Cybercrime, Cybersecurity, and Society
Immigration in the US: Economic, Fiscal, and Social Outcomes